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Southwest BioSystems, LLC represents Southern Arizona’s Exclusive JET Distributorship and offers the most competitive purchasing options for the following:

Alternative & Conventional Septic Systems

• Alternative & Conventional Septic Designs, Permitting, and Sales
• Package Prices for turn key design & products at PRICES THAT CAN’T BE BEAT!
• Percolation testing along with septic system site suitability & soil analysis
• Alternative Septic System Maintenance & Troubleshooting Services
• Subdivision Geological Reports for Septic Systems

JET Advanced Waste Treatment Systems

• Highest treatment quality (8mg/L TSS, 9mg/L BOD)
• Odor free! (Not many aerated systems can make this claim)
• Integrated control options
• Pressurized distribution packages for water recycling
• Denitrification to 15mg/L
• 30 month limited warrantee. The best warrantee in the business
• 20 year warrantee exchange program, and extended service contracts are available, if desired.
• Easiest & simplest of all aerobic systems to maintain. (No massive filters to clean like some other competitors and less parts means less to go wrong!)
• JET®, originally the 1st aerobic company, was established in 1955. Most of the competition has less than 5 years of operations, and JET® will be here tomorrow.
• We can BEAT the price of any comparable Aerobic Waste Treatment System

Southwest BioSystems, LLC is local to the Tucson area and is owned by a local corporation with a long standing 20 year high quality reputation handling all aspects of Alternative & Conventional septic systems from design and sales to maintenance and now offering JET products.